Classic Actors


Pekko Classic pertains to the original Actor APIs, which have been improved by more type safe and guided Actor APIs. Pekko Classic is still fully supported and existing applications can continue to use the classic APIs. It is also possible to use the new Actor APIs together with classic actors in the same ActorSystem, see coexistence. For new projects we recommend using the new Actor API.


To use Classic Pekko Actors, you must add the following dependency in your project:

val PekkoVersion = "1.0.2"
libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "org.apache.pekko" %% "pekko-actor" % PekkoVersion,
  "org.apache.pekko" %% "pekko-testkit" % PekkoVersion % Test
def versions = [
  ScalaBinary: "2.13"
dependencies {
  implementation platform("org.apache.pekko:pekko-bom_${versions.ScalaBinary}:1.0.2")

  implementation "org.apache.pekko:pekko-actor_${versions.ScalaBinary}"
  testImplementation "org.apache.pekko:pekko-testkit_${versions.ScalaBinary}"