Migration Guides

Apache Pekko is based on the latest version of Akka in the v2.6.x series. If migrating from an earlier version of Akka, please migrate to Akka 2.6 before migrating to Pekko.

Migration to Apache Pekko

This is just stub documentation. It will be improved.

  • for Pekko jar dependencies, the groupId is “org.apache.pekko” instead of “com.typesafe.akka”
  • the jar names start with “pekko” instead of “akka” - e.g. pekko-actor_2.13.jar instead of akka-actor_2.13.jar
  • Alpakka equivalent is “pekko-connectors” - e.g. pekko-connectors-kafka_2.13.jar instead of alpakka-kafka_2.13.jar
  • Pekko packages start with “org.apache.pekko” instead of “akka” - e.g. import org.apache.pekko.actor instead of import akka.actor
  • Where class names have “Akka” in the name, the Pekko ones have “Pekko” - e.g. PekkoException instead of AkkaException
  • Configs in application.conf use “pekko” prefix instead of “akka”

We are still investigating the effects of how the package name changes affect the Persistence and Cluster modules. Data persisted with “akka-persistence” may not yet be usable with “pekko-persistence” (or vice versa). Akka and Pekko nodes may not be able to form a cluster or messages may not be recognised if passed between nodes of different types.

We may be able to provide Scalafix scripts to help with migrations.